Cleansing Redefined

Firewipes offers a quick, convenient, and disposable cleaning solution for those exposed to hazardous environments


Learn more about minimizing the contact time with potential carcinogenic contaminants.

8” x 12” textured industrial strength disposable wipes infused with cleansing compounds for use on all external dermal areas.








created by a firefighter

for firefighters

Firewipes was, first and foremost, created to meet the needs of firefighters and first responders for on-scene decon.

‏Helps minimize contact times between the skin and fireground contaminants.

Firewipes have a 3-year shelf life, no sticky or oily residue left after use and no added fragrance.

Individually packaged to eliminate cross-contamination and prevent unused wipes from drying out.

Firewipes come in a 4.25” wide, 6” deep, and 3.25” tall durable box  containing 12- 8 inch by 12 inch (96in²) individually packaged wipes

Firewipes are textured on one side and smooth on the other.

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